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Manta Dining Set

Iconic Wooden Sofa Bed

Hailie Wooden Dining Set

1723 Shura Dining Table

RM 1,399.00Add to CartRM 2,399.00Add to CartRM 799.00Add to CartRM 2,394.00Add to Cart

1724 Gibser Dining Table

1722 Gylad Dining Table


Yvonne 1+4+1 Dining Set T:3009(150X90)-Walnut + C:2010-Walnut B:2012-Walnut

RM 4,281.00Add to CartRM 2,394.00Add to CartRM 1,272.00Add to Cart

Sarah 1+4 Dining Set T:3014(120X75)-Natural+White C:5000-Natural+White

Phobe 1+6 Dining Table T:3008(180X90)White Wash + C:2234-BLACK-White Wash

Marsha 1+4 Dining Set T:3008(130X80)-White Wash + C:1511-Black-White

Laura 1+4 Dining Set T:3013(100DIA)-Walnut + C:38-Walnut

RM 1,104.00Add to CartRM 1,704.00Add to CartRM 1,133.00Add to CartRM 946.00Add to Cart

Kathleen 1+6 Dining Set T:3008(150X90)White Wash + C:1511-White Wash

Jeff 1+4 Dining Set T:16249(120X75)-Cappuccino + C:1704-PUB2-Cappuccino

James 1+6 Dining Set T:3010(150X90)Walnut + C:1705-DARK GREY-Walnut

Irene 1+4 Dining Set T:3014(100DIA)-Natural+White + C:2007-Natural+White

RM 1,546.00Add to CartRM 853.00Add to CartRM 1,990.00Add to CartRM 938.00Add to Cart

Gloria 1+6 Dining Set T:3014(150X90)-Natural+White + C:6000-Natural+White

Cynthia 1+4 Dining Set T:12758HLV32-Walnut C:1907-Black-Walnut

Claire Dining Set 1+4 T:3013(120X75)-Walnut + C:1907-BLACK-Walnut

Catherine 1+4+1 Dining Set T:3013(150X90)-Walnut C:2015-Walnut B:2012-Walnut

RM 1,513.00Add to CartRM 838.00Add to CartRM 1,046.00Add to Cart

Berry Dining Set 1+4+1 DINING SET T15908HLV32-WN

Becky 1+6 Dining Set T:3015(168X90)-Walnut GLASS BRONZE) C:2013-Walnut

Avery Dining Set T:16359(150X90)-Cappuccino + C:1703-PUB2-Cappuccino

Anna 1+4+1 Dining Set T:3009(150X90)-Walnut + C:2013-Walnut B:2014-Walnut

RM 1,198.00Add to CartRM 1,360.00Add to Cart
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39, 39A, 39B, 41, 41A, 41B, Jalan Pendekar 15, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, 81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia.
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