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Who We Are

Evolution of Furniture Shop

10 tahun yang lalu, apabila anda masuk ke dalam kedai, perabot dipaparkan mengikut kategori, setiap jenis perabot dipaparkan di setiap sudut tanpa sebarang konsep hidup.

Customers are difficult to imagine whether the furniture is match to the current home furnishing. Sometimes, they might find that the furniture design or colour are not matching to their home furnishing. They cannot do any customizing order if the size or the colour is not matching to their house.

Art Home Furniture Sdn Bhd

Art Home Furniture Sdn Bhd

Few years ago, we found that customer behaviour is transforming, they have their own idea on the furniture design. This is the idea of us to start Art Home Furniture Sdn Bhd since 2016! With our new concept, we provide customer with customization order for ready-made furniture like change the colour or customizing the size and some modify services. Our specialize on customizing cabinet type of furniture like wardrobe, TV cabinet, console etc. In 2020, we have also start to improve our service by providing cushion type customizing service like sofa and bed to fulfil our customer’s needs. Our sofa could be customized on size, material, and the function.

These services are preferred by our customers especially younger generation. Most of them have their idea on prefer home furnishing design. Our service support them to match those design and furniture with ours customize furniture to create the home feel that they want.

Our Logo
We wish all the “Home” we design with “Art” and “Love”. Our lifestyle quality could be improved with an Art Home Living.
To create an art home living for the many people.
Our business idea supports this vision by offering customization service on ready-made furniture at price range that will be able to be afford by many people.